Good to know

Over 130 years of experience have gone into our quality bedding products – as well as the best materials and the highest standards. Look here for an overview.


Down duvets and pillows bearing the Nimite mark are perfect for those suffering from allergies. The down-proof fabric prevents invasion by house dust mites, and the rapid decrease in the humidity when the bedding is aired ensures a climate that is hostile to miles. The Nomite brand guarantees that KAUFFMANN complies with the criteria oft he German Institute for Standard Isation. (in accordance with PAS 1008, DIN EN 13186).


All KAUFFMANN duvets and pillows bear the Daunasan symbol. This means that not only do we comply with requirements pertaining to processing and hygiene – we also guarantee to put our down and feathers through constant quality tests performed by independent hygiene laboratories.

Textiles Vertrauen

All items beat the „Confidence in textiles – Standard 100“ mark.


SanProCare® sensitive – A finish cotton fabric a perfect sleep: It rapidly absords moisture, distributes it across the fibres and the releases it into the ambient air within the shortest possible time. For a soft down, dry and warm bed climate.

The Brand Künsemüller

Since 1883 our bedding products stand for quality, comfort and a long service life – Künsemüller is one of the world’s leading brands of fine bedding products.